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The first few days of my life were very hard. Someone put me in a small box and left me in front of a store in the hot Wailuku Sun. I was very lucky to be bottle fed with my Siamese friends. I want to thank you for your support, without it, many of us would not be alive today.
My name is Kuuipo, which means Sweetheart in Hawaiian. I am a pueo, endangered Hawaiian owl. I was hit by a truck, so my legs don't work. I love people to hold me, talk to me, and I am very loving back. I am especially thankful to Lynn, a wonderful volunteer here, for her undying love and care for me.
Hello There! We are two Siamese kittens that were found in a drainage pipe in Wailuku when we were only a few days old. A very nice person rescued us and brought us to EMAR to be cared for. We know our mom would be happy with the care and love we have received growing up here without her. We were bottle fed for six weeks, given much needed medication and had some friends our age to play with.
Dutchess was found on the side of the road on Molokai, after being hit by a car. A kind supporter paid for her to have a surgical rod placed in her back, and a company donated a wheelchair so that she is able to run around again and have fun. One of the kind volunteers at the Boo Boo Zoo adopted her as well as another dog that was in a wheelchair. They now live a very fun filled life thanks to the kindness they received at EMAR.
Louise was just a baby when she came running out of the woods alone up to a man at the heliport. She wouldn't have survived on her own.
This kitten was brought to EMAR when it was just a few days old, nurtured and cared for, spayed and then adopted out to a loving home.
The deer's name is "Yes Deer." She came to EMAR as a result of capture myopathy, where an animal is paralyzed as a result of extreme stress. She was captured and tied to a tree while hunters gutted her mother in front of her. She now lives with Sylvan & Suzie in their house, a very safe place for a deer in her condition. There are gentle kittens that give her love like this one, Flojo, who was brought when she was orphaned at a few days old.
Doogie, a 90% blind young miniature horse, doesn’t know that he’s not a dog. Doogie cavorts and plays with Bo, a gentle and loving dog who is his constant companion. When loud and frantic squeals and protests erupt from the pig pen next to the old aviary, you know that Doogie is prodding and pushing a very fat pot-bellied pig. He eagerly accepts carrots and pieces of apple from your hand.
Boots is a friendly, action-loving dog who was hit by a car when very young. His owners didn’t want to spend the money to fix his hip. The Zoo vet fixed Boots, then asked Sylvan if he would give Boots a foster home while he recuperated. Boots now lives at the Zoo permanently.
Sunshine is a breast-feather-picking cockatoo with a large and unusual vocabulary. He became very upset when several large dogs invaded the Zoo, chasing and killing animals in the yard. (This is now impossible because of increased security measures.) Sunshine hangs around anyone who visits or volunteers at the Zoo, looking for attention and an almond.
Scarlet is a beautiful scarlet macaw with an extensive vocabulary. She is very loud, saying “Hello” repeatedly so that you will give her almonds. She is physically flawless, but her owners had to bring her to the Zoo because she was too loud for their environment.
We are Pueos, a native Hawaiian owl that is endangered everywhere but on Maui. Maui has been an incredible success story for our species due to the unbelievable hard work and care that we recieve. We were both hit by cars and our wings were so severely shattered that reconstructive surgery was not an option and partial amputation was necessary. Even though we will never be able to fly again, we will live happy lives in the aviary being entertained by the hundreds of other birds chaotically flying around.
I am an indigenous Wedge-tailed Shearwater. I was only a few days old in the picture to the left. A tour boat operator found me floating off the shores of Molokini. When they brought me to EMAR I was a beneficiary of the amazing work that is being done to help my species and many others. Sylvan and Suzie mixed up a very healthy formula that helped me grow strong. They regularly exercised my wings with the hope that one day I would be released into my natural habitat. When they thought I was strong enough they took me back to Molokini but I just was not ready yet. A few weeks later they took me to Kanaha beach. As you can see here in this picture I successfully flew off, looking back only to say "thank you."
Athena is a blind barn owl who lives in the old aviary. She used to belong to a Native American Shaman who lived in Makawao. She spends her days and nights seated on her favorite perch, usually sleeping or waiting for her nightly mice feedings. She welcomes pets, always ready for a kind touch.

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