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​​​​the animals!​

Love Truly is
Helping the Helpless

The East Maui Animal Refuge, also known as the Boo Boo Zoo, is a no-kill, non-profit rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals.

Welcome to East Maui Animal Refuge also known as the Boo Boo Zoo

A Sanctuary for Injured & Orphaned Animals
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​We are looking for volunteers!


When you volunteer with the East Maui Animal Refuge, you will make a difference in the lives, health, happiness and comfort of hundreds of rescued and orphaned animals. We need volunteers who can do the heavy lifting and dirty work (cleaning litter boxes, sweeping and mopping and so much more), as well as volunteers who can help with the lighter tasks (laundry, changing food and water, cleaning dishes).

You will be making a difference to the animals that take shelter here and to your overall community.


Please see our volunteer opportunities and text Andrea at 808-495-1591 or email to discuss requirements and schedule a training appointment. Thank you for your interest!

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