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Volunteer Opportunities


If you live on Maui and are considering volunteering on a regular basis, you may choose from a variety of options:

Join our Cattery Caretakers and Cuddlers Volunteer Program

We need caretakers to help with cattery details, but we also need cuddlers. If you are limited or unable to help with the caretaking duties, please consider becoming a Cuddler volunteer. The kitties love attention!

We need Caretakers for our Birds and Other Animals.

We need help feeding, grooming and loving our big babies and bird babies, too. The Boo Boo Zoo is home to deer, sheep, pigs, birds, and goats. They all love attention!


Construction and Maintenance Volunteers

We always need help with day-to-day operations, including carpentry, building and repair, electric, plumbing, landscaping fencing repair/maintenance, gravel and cement work, fundraising and sitting at community tables.


  • Cleaning litter boxes (lots of litter boxes)

  • Sweeping and mopping floors

  • Laundry (lots of laundry)

  • Cleaning water bowls and refilling

  • Cleaning and refilling food bowls 

  • Vacuuming



  • Taking hay to goat and deer feeders around the property

  • Cleaning and refilling automatic watering buckets

  • Sweeping and hosing or power washing courtyard

  • Collecting old straw bedding from two barns and putting down fresh straw (once per week)



  • Sweeping and hosing out two aviaries

  • Cleaning and refilling water bowls

  • Cleaning and refilling food bowls with various bird food



  • Cleaning small plastic duck ponds

  • Hosing out area

  • Cleaning and refilling water bowls

  • Cleaning and refilling food bowls with poultry mix

Construction and Maintenance:

  • Landscaping and fencing

  • Gravel and cement work

  • Roof repairs and maintenance

  • Carpentry

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing


  • Organizing and signing up for events

  • Coordinating with our social media volunteers to promote events

  • Managing and tracking events

  • Sitting at tables for events

How to Apply

We are volunteer-based and depend on the support of our wonderful volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer, please complete and submit both the volunteer application and waiver form, and we will be in touch! Please note: Volunteers under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. For more information, please call 808-572-8308.

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