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Visits and Events

Please note: we are not a walk-in facility.  Beginning June 1, 2024, tours of the Boo Boo Zoo are temporarily suspended.  When tours resume, we will announce it in our website and social media.

Tours are free, but we appreciate donations, which support animal care. Mahalo!

What Should I Wear When I Visit?

For your comfort and safety, you should be prepared for Haiku’s often wet and rainy weather. Wear close-toed shoes and hiking style clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty. A light rain jacket is always a good idea. The chances of getting muddy paw prints on your clothing? Guaranteed!


May I Bring My Children?

Be prepared to hold small children most of the time you’re here. Being eye to eye with some of our animals can be intimidating to little ones. Children must have adult supervision at all times and may not be dropped off to visit on their own.


What to Bring and Not to Bring

Anything loose or hanging low enough for an animal to reach will probably get gently chewed on. It is best to stow purses and bags in your car, leaving your hands free for petting. Strollers are not allowed on the property, and unfortunately, not all areas are wheelchair accessible. Please DO bring your camera/cell phones. You don't want to miss a great shot and we love to share your photos so others can experience EMAR! Please share them on  Facebook or Instagram or email us.


Not Allowed

Glassware, avocados and treats are not allowed. Avocado pits are toxic to many of our animals. Treats are not allowed because many of our animals are on special diets for their health and healing.

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